Works in Progress

An essay (okay, two essays, possibly more) penned in a rush of inspiration, but in need of an ending. A book project, sliced, diced, and reworked to within an inch of its life . . . and still not quite right. Here, then, are my current projects, in various states of undress.


Survivors Helping Survivors: Women survivors of domestic violence share their stories and offer advice for how to get help, get out, and ultimately, get better.

Walks With My Father: A Memoir in 362 Steps: Morning walks in a gated Costa Rican community enable a daughter to come to terms with a troubled childhood, while keeping a father’s dementia at bay.

The ABCs of Marriage--a Primer for the Uninitiated. “A” is for “Anniversary” and “C” is for Camping. Each is
fraught with its own perils. Everything the newly-wed or soon-to-be-wed needs to know about life on the married front, in 26 easy letters.


“Our Dinner With the Bushes:” An unexpected encounter with the elder Bushes provides a lesson in political maneuvering.

“Decommissioning a Family Home:” When the navy decommissions a ship, there is a solemn ceremony marking
the vessel’s years of service. There is no such ceremony when taking leave of a much-loved family home. There should be.

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