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Home Portfolio Newsletter: “What’s New at AGA?”

If you think you know AGA, think again.

AGA is about so much more than substantial, colorful, multi-door enamel ovens. Much as we’d love to have this iconic appliance center-stage in our kitchen, not all of us have the space to accommodate such grandeur. Happily, there are may ways to incorporate AGA into your kitchen--whether that kitchen happens to be in a sprawling French farmhouse or a third-floor walk-up loft in TriBeCa.

More excerpts:

AGA is Versatile.

The gas cooktop / electric oven combination gives you the best of both cooking worlds. Not cooking much? Simply convert the 4.9 cu. ft. capacity oven to one that’s about half the size and let the energy savings begin.

AGA is Quiet.
This beautifully-integrated dishwasher uses state-of-the-art insulation technology, ensuring peace and quiet in the kitchen even in the middle of the rinse cycle.

AGA is Chic.

Great storage space and fabulous good looks combined? Leave it to the French, or rather, the French doors.

AGA is Sophisticated.

No more running down to the cellar to grab the Veuve Clicquot. AGA’s latest under-the-counter technology keeps your best bottles close at hand, and precisely chilled.

AGA is Iconic.

This scaled-down AGA lets you roast, simmer, and bake simultaneously. There are more than a dozen color choices available, each more luscious than the next. The newest color, “Pearl Ashes,” is a HomePortfolio favorite.