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Digitas Overview Brochure: “Connecting With Digitas”

We help our clients attract, retain, and grow the most profitable customer relationships in their industries.

Some excerpts:

Our Approach:

    We have many capabilities. But at our core, Digitas is about driving superior marketing productivity through integrated relationship management programs.

    We look at the total customer experience, and create marketing programs that engage customers at every stage of the relationship, beginning with brand awareness and continuing through consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

    As the customer moves through each stage, the dialogue must change to fit the new circumstances and reflect the customer’s increased value. Rote and random messaging simply won’t work in this ever-changing situation. We know better. And so do your customers.

    That’s why we orchestrate an integrated customer experience. Using all appropriate channels, leveraging information technology, and keeping an ever-watchful eye on optimizing your investment, we facilitate the type of ongoing dialogue that ultimately leads to long-lasting relationships. Frankly, they’re the only kind worth having.

Our Purpose:

    We combine expertise in strategy, marketing, technology, and channel management to provide in-market programs that inspire remarkable customer relationships.

    Each capability contributes in equal measure to ensure the right marketing approach--executed flawlessly--with the right investment in each channel. The result is the perfect mix of communication required to connect with your customers--not just for one or two campaigns, but over and over again. It is this perfect mix that engages customers in a rich, yet cost-effective, dialogue with your brand.

    And it is our ability to turn that dialogue into profitable relationships that makes Digitas different. Some would say it’s what makes us great.

. . .